It does get real Harsh sometimes!

Things get messy. It really does sometimes, what can we do right? I have so much to express right now I don't know where to start, I don't wanna give away too much for this blog is public, but also want to yell the bombs out of my brains because its been enough now.

 We know what's going on don't we? America is in peril, India is in peril, the middle-east is in peril, Heck even I am in peril, pretty much everything seems to be falling down at the same darn moment.

If you're concerned about the same problems as I am, and wondering what the actual French toast is going around with this planet, you seriously need to calm the crap down or you'll end up like me. Messed up... 

For me, there's no going back. But you still have a chance, Calm the fuck down, turn off the news for a second, its not like you're living an awesome life that you can handle what's going on in this blue planet right now. You need to shut that Television, Internet, Social Media or w…

Fire on Fire!

I had completely lost my interest in reading books, but suddenly I came across a book called "How to win Friends and influence People". It just inspired me to write a blogpost. After pondering around looking for inspiration to write something, I finally know what's really worth writing a post about.. I just completed a chapter of this book, and I'm already convinced that it's not going to be off my hands till I complete it, you may have heard about this book too. It's written by Dale Carnegie and according to the book cover, Dale is the best-selling author of the 20th century. And rightfully so, he writes real good and gives some really valuable....Values (sorry I'm a little new to all this writing thing). The title of the book says almost everything about it, its about influencing people and...Making friends (no sh*t Harsh!).  The first chapter of this book goes like this : "You Can't Win An Argument" My first reaction was like : "Wh…

So What's the format of this blog?

Anyone can build a blog and start writing on it mindlessly, this isn't one of those blogs, this will be designed only and only for my rant... I mean, value-giving ability..
Dang it! 
This blog of mine focuses on giving ways to solve things that happens in your daily life, that weren't really meant to happen; About sharing my experiences in my daily life, trying to make sense of it and fetching some value out off it. And mostly about understanding the world a little more, or maybe seeing it from an eyes of a random 16 year old nerdy boy, anything works right?
So If I am to try to give some value out of this blog, I have to structure it in a way that the readers, you, are the one who benefits the most out of it, that you understand what's really going on in the blog and what's there to actually learn from it..   And its supposed to be fun...why else would you be here anyway. SO..
What should you be expecting from each of my blog posts?

 To know that I'm your friend, and…

How 'Harsh' does it get?

Greetings world! Today marks an important day, not only in my life, but for this whole planet, probably for the universe too, maybe for all the universes, and for the universes on the other side of the worm hole, why? Because today I decide to give up...

  I give up, its enough, its not worth it, not anymore, how long will I be sitting here seeing the world fall apart in front of my eyes while I do nothing but whine about it, the question is... How Harsh can it get?

   Greeting you again; My name is Harsh Pherwani and by the time I've started this blog, I'm glad to assure you that I'm in a better place and already doing something that I'm supposed to do, Trying to save the world, one bit at a time. It's been enough, I've suffered enough seeing others suffering beyond their capacity. Enough of this drama, its time for a change, and it will come.

 Though this line is a bit overused, its absolutely effective. Mahatma Gandhi once said (or maybe he didn't, who …